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English to Sanskrit machine translation

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The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, says Sanskrit is as well-suited for algorithms and machine learning as it is for poetry. The rich linguistic features of Sanskrit like Sandhi, Samasa, kridantas, taddithas etc., have great impact on the performance of the above mentioned MAs. Out of these, kridantas is one of the very interesting features of Sanskrit which includes nouns, adjectives and.

We propose a computational algorithm that converts prose given as E-text into poetry in accordance with the metrical rules of Sanskrit prosody, simultaneously taking care to ensure that sandhi or euphonic conjunction, which is compulsory in verse, is handled.

Sanskrit prosody

Design & Analysis of an Exhaustive Algorithm 34 III. THE BASIS OF THE WORK The great “Paṇini” [5], the sage and scholar dated by historians in the fourth century BC or earlier, codified the rules of the Sanskrit language mainly based on both the extant vast literature as well as the language in.

Artificial Intelligence — Sanskrit is the perfect language for computer AI — NASA report. A Computational Algorithm for Metr ical Classification of Verse Rama N.1 and Meenakshi Lakshmanan2 1 Department of Computer Science, Presidency College ChennaiIndia identification is done in Sanskrit.

Algorithm IdentifyMetre Step 1: Parse the verse and identify its four p.

Hashing Algorithm in Ancient Indian Music System Sanskrit algorithm
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