Efu general insurance

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EFU General Insurance Ltd (EFUI)

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EFU General Insurance Ltd (EFUI.KA)

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EFU General

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Best Europe – Rating Services Limited (AMBERS) hereby discloses that the following entities or debt instruments have been submitted to it for an initial review or preliminary rating.

• EFU General Insurance Limited • Soglasie Insurance Company. This report is based on the analysis of employee satisfaction of “EFU General Insurance Limited”.

Financial Result Announcements:

It is our fortune to have personnel of “EFU General Insurance Limited” whose corporation and guidance contributed tremendously to complete this project.

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Insurance Company. On return to Pakistan in August joined EFU General Insurance Ltd and currently is in‐charge of the company's technical operations including underwriting, claims and reinsurance. He is also Director of EFU General Insurance Ltd and Allianz EFU Health Insurance Ltd.

EFU General Insurance company was Formed in EFU gave the emerging insurance industry the Leadership, the Manpower and the Drive needed to grow in a situation, where at one time three fourth of insurance was held by foreign companies.

Story. EFU General Silver Sponsor. Today, with over 85 years of winning customer trust, EFU General Insurance Limited (EFU) stands as Pakistan's largest and the oldest general insurer, always ready to go an extra mile to serve better.

Efu general insurance
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